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Health Plans for Members

We are thrilled to be able to provide TCC members with access to a large group health plan that is available to individual sole proprietors and their families. These plans have access to great doctors and hospitals AND HAVE OPEN ENROLLMENT YEAR ROUND

Enrollment in the plans is NOT guaranteed. In order to get high quality plans at the best rates for the majority of our members, the plans we offer are medically underwritten, which means members must answer a series of health questions during the enrollment process. Any major medical issues/history will unfortunately likely not be accepted. Basic chronic conditions are usually ok.

There is a one-time only fee of $125 on official enrollment to stem the clerical costs. This fee is charged only if you are accepted into the plan.  

The Clinicians Collective membership fee is $65/year and covers access to insurance, online list serve forums in several cities, in-person gatherings and more. Click on "Become a Member" to join. If you have any questions, please contact Karen